Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today: BCH Still Dipping After a Major Rebound

Bitcoin Cash started out strong in the first days of November where it was able to make a massive transition from the price of around 422$ to 620$ in the course of only six days.

BCH was showing an immense progress at the time, collecting over 50% of gains in only several days, and taking advantage of the latest rebound that came with November 1st.

However, BCH soon showed another side, seen in a decline as progressively as it was growing only days before the revisited dip.

The dip made BCH the top losing currency among the list of top 20 cryptos, now showing over -6% in decline for the past seven days. Additionally, BCH is dropping by almost -5% in the course of a single day on November 12th.

Bitcoin Cash Price Today: The Reversed Progress of the Fourth Largest Crypto

Even though the last week started out with a positive momentum having BCH representing one of the biggest winners in the top cryptocurrency market for almost a week straight, Bitcoin Cash was soon to adopt a reversed pace of progress.

That means that despite the gains of 50% in only 6 days, Bitcoin Cash went on the road towards some major declines, now showing a decline of over -6% against the fiat.

The dip is not stopping there as just as BCH went into the last week with major rises, the crypto is entering this week starting out with November 12th with a decline by -5%.

Additionally, Bitcoin Cash is losing on its YTD charts as well, so we can see it down by -66% in the last 365 days.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The crypto marked its all-time high back when the majority of cryptos were marking their record prices, recording nearly 3,800$ per one BCH unit, however, Bitcoin Cash dropped by over -86% since making it to its record price.

After making it to 620$ and breaking the resistance of 500$ and 600$ altogether taking off from the value of 422$ as marked at the end of October, BCH is currently being traded at the price of 521$.

Based on its current pace of growth, BCH might even go back below 500$ as the cryptocurrency is waiting for its hard fork that should take place in several days on November 15th and probably result in two separate chains.

That means that by the end of the week we may have two different Bitcoin Cash currencies.

Bitcoin Cash Price: Still in the Green on Weekly and Monthly Charts

The crypto is seeing a decline as it is waiting for its hard fork to take place in several days, which is the consequence due to a major disagreement between the teams Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV.

However, BCH is still showing positive returns on weekly and monthly charts despite the horrific dips the crypto is going through.

That is how BCH still has 18% of growth in the last two weeks, with 17% of gains in the course of the last 4 weeks, while in the course of the last two months Bitcoin Cash is marking an increase of over 20%.


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