DNB takes a giant leap towards enhancing customer’s identification processes

DNB is definitely expressing its commitment to progress through a wonder mobile app that literally simplifies the users ID verification and customer identification process by a thousand fold. The app is still in the initial testing stages as DNB is still trying to retrieve experimental evidence of its efficiency and reliability.

This giant technological leap was made possible by DNB ID Solutions AS. It seems to be one of the pioneering steps towards getting over some of the common challenges of digital banking especially for clients who are based overseas. The app is set for a trial on the corporate market and is expected to get as far as being used in personal banking in multiple countries.

Authorities from the company reveal that the technology works by combining information in the phone and biometric passport to come up with a verification system that offers a lot of advantages to both service providers and consumers. The possibilities attached to this technological advancement are breathtaking as it has the potential to enhance the quality of customers experience as well as providing long lasting solutions to international identification problems.

Orjarn Bagn, a DNB guru confirmed the successful testing phase among the Nordics and the almost certain extension of the phase to other countries. This fact substantiates the determination of the company to come up with an innovation that isn’t limited to theories and unproven ideas. International users have a reason to expect exciting times ahead considering the potential difference this breakthrough will make in the near future.

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