Uber Could Be the Biggest IPO of 2019: Everything You Need to Know About Uber IPO

Beyond Meat (BYND) went public at the beginning of May 2019, taking the title of the most successful IPO for 2019 by far.

However, even though Beyond Meat is after a greater market share in a different sector when compared to the ridesharing giant, Uber, Uber IPO might as well take over the title of the most successful IPO in 2019.

What is for certain at present is that Uber IPO most certainly represents the biggest IPO for 2019 based on IPO estimates and valuation.

Uber IPO Evaluation, Date, Share Price and Estimates

Uber is planning on going public already in May, although the exact date of Uber IPO is yet to be confirmed.

The ridesharing giant already announced their expected share price for the opening sale, setting the price range between 45$ and 50$, while investors consider that share price should start between 55$ and 65$ per share.

At the announced price planned by Uber, the company could potentially raise up to 9 billion dollars with their IPO.

Previously, the company has been evaluated at 120 billion, followed with a lowered estimate between 90 billion and 100 billion dollars.

Uber IPO Investors and IPO Information

Uber announced getting approved for a listing on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), under the thicker UBER.

Among the list of major investors, Uber has PayPal Holdings, ready to invest 500 million dollars, Toyota Motor Corp, Denso Corp, and Softbank Vision Fund, who are planning on investing 1 billion dollars in total.

At the end of the initial public offer, Uber will have 1,676,959,021 shares.

Uber Profits and Business Model

Uber has a great growth potential, also diving into the food delivery business with UberEats, and additionally being present in over 700 cities around the globe.

What is a subject of speculation when it comes to Uber profits is the fact that the company still has to cope with significant losses.


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