Cardano V1.4 Update: Upgrade to become Live on December 18th

Following the release of two smart contracts tools by IOHK, it has announced the release date of the much anticipated version 1.4 update of the Cardano network.

The recent series of storms in the crypto market might have left investors feeling edgy, it has however not stopped further developments in the crypto space. Bordering closely to the top of this pinnacle of developments is the Cardano network. Merely days after the release of two new smart contract writing tools, Plutus and Marlowe; IOHK Chairman and Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson has taken to twitter to announce the release date of its network update. The version 1.4 upgrade, as dubbed by the development team, will be live on December 18th. The upgrade, according to the IOHK chief, will feature major updates in the Cardano ecosystem. Speaking about the release date, Hoskinson tweeted:
“After seven release candidates and a huge amount of QA work, I’m pleased to announce that our best effort release date for Cardano 1.4 is December 18th. Daedalus users will get an in-client update notification next week. Thanks everyone for your patience and support.”

Speaking about the update in a recent AMA on YouTube, Hoskinson explained the reason why the update took as long as it did. He pointed out that at the time of the interview that the update entailed new sets of codes which needed to be carefully worked on.
Why the Cardano 1.4 Update Took a While
The Cardano founder explained that finding viable solutions to scalability meant that heavy storage options needed to be negated. He also explained that with the new set of codes placed on the Cardano ecosystem, a degree of refactoring was needed. Referring to the Daedalus wallet, he pointed out that variations of codes were laid to create a consensus between the codes in the wallet and their Rust and Haskel codes. These codes were to, in turn, be migrated to a new Icarus style which will allow the integration of Cardano onto a Ledger Wallet service. Clearly,this meant that lots of changes were to be done to the architectural framework of the ecosystem. According to Hoskinson, it meant the addition of newer developers and careful planning to avoid a botch during the launching of the upgrade. Being one of the new projects in the crypto space, Cardano has been under intense scrutiny since integration. The basis for argument seemed to circle around the fact that adoption and development of DApps on its blockchain appeared to be slower in progress. However, with subsequent updates and releases,it appears that Cardano is finally moving towards massive developments and could in the future become a force to reckon with.
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