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It is possible to say that the last few months have been really interesting for bitcoin prices. Especially since November 2017, while there are serious price movements in Bitcoin, Bitcoin prices, which went up to 20 thousand dollars towards the end of December , declined to 6 thousand dollars, and now they are trading at 7 thousand dollars levels.

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When we think of the days when people celebrate the 8 thousand dollar band in November 2017, now we see that traders are very afraid of their hanging under this figure. it expresses to us what kind of variable thing is the self-confidence in the sector.

Now many investors and traders are accustomed to these price imbalances and do not want to easily break their positions. Some say that the price is very positive even in the current situation, especially when it comes to looking at the big picture, and that the last few months’ charts can make people mislead.

But of course there is another group here as well, as they are, and they depend on the manipulation of Bitcoin’s constant exchange of between 8, 10 thousand dollars .

Return to Normal

“Daily price changes do not really interest me if you ask the truth. If we look carefully, we’ll see if the price changes in Bitcoin go to a certain area. Only in the last quarter of 2017 was a parabolic increase. So, in fact, the market has returned to normal or normal. That percentage is that there is no reason to panic right now. Things are on track and I think there will be serious growth in 2018 as well. I’m as hot against Bitcoin as ever. ”

At the same time, Pompliano stated that the markets are now stagnant, using the following expressions:

“Obviously there is no news in recent times that will spoil the market. It does not move like a leaf. I think there is a little stagnation in big investors as well. It is very natural to see such a picture especially when it comes to the legal regulations and what is going to happen in conjunction with the declines experienced in the last few months. As good news comes, I think the market will react positively to it. ”

He emphasized that Blockchain is becoming more and more popular in the meantime, and although it does not directly affect the price of Bitcoin, Pompliano said it was exciting to see the spread of Blockchain use:

“There is at least a direct relationship between the price of bitcoin and the increase in the use of Blockchain, and I think many people are aware of it. But it is still a very good development for large companies to start out-of-the-box Blockchain research. I think this trend will increase in the near future. ”

See the big picture
The explanations that Pompliano made to look at the big picture in Bitcoin can be seen as a kind of common thought of the leading names of the industry. Another name that is similar to Pompliano in this regard is Mati Greenspan, a market analyst at e Toro . Greenspan said that a big picture of Bitcoin prices should be looked at, he said:

“Everyone who thinks that the crypto money markets are falling should be calm and look at the big picture. When we look at the market volume compared to the past year, with all of our stakeholders, it has nearly tripled. Of course, it is not as exciting as the peak at the end of last year, but it still expresses a clear growth. There is no need for pessimism. ”

Greenspan went on to say:

“In the past year, the price of a Bitcoin was exactly 2,250 dollars. Even then, there were a lot of people who claimed that the price was too high and labeled Bitcoin as a balloon. Today, when we see 7 thousand 300 dollars, people are upset. Of course, this is not as interesting as the $ 20,000 level, I admit it, but people still have to see a rise. ”

Market Manipulation
In the past days, the euphoria of the price manipulation investigation initiated by US officials continues to run in the sector. The study of whether price manipulation of Bitcoin and other crypto money, conducted by US courts on various traders, is being treated by the people in the sector with the notion that there is no smoke from the place without fire .

Many major investors are inviting American officials to take action on this issue, thinking Bitcoin prices are being manipulated seriously. One of these is Ronnie Moas, who recently came to the crypto money market by attracting his investment in the classic market . When Moas states that the price of Bitcoin is being manipulated, it states this with the following expressions:

“I always think that it is serious manipulation. I thought it was serious manipulation when we came to 9, 8, 7 thousand. It made me happy that the government now tended to this. I hope it comes again. ”

Moas said later that it is very easy for big investors who are too big to manipulate the market in his statement, he said:

“If you have $ 2 billion and want a wide variety of portfolios, For me, this figure is an investment of 200 thousand dollars. But if you want 10 percent of your money in Bitcoin then you have to pay 200 million dollars. If you buy Bitcoin for $ 200 million to reduce the cost of this point, you can go to the market and make $ 20, $ 30, $ 40 million and create a sales press. If you want to name it whale or investment partnership, say oriental cunning. You do something like that, and when people see orders, they are afraid of it and it creates a loop. So you have reduced the cost of the superficies. ”

“Then they come to the technical analysts and they say they will come down to the cost of fire fur. Panic occurs in the market and prices fall. The prices are riding horses like whales want thoughts. This is not really a difficult thing as it is for them. ”

No Horror
While many people are still saying that Bitcoin is a balloon and that its price will go up to zero, the proliferation of Blockhain technology and the spread of its use is indeed a boon to the industry. Amazon, Microsoft and big banks have to enter Blockchain, which is very important data that shows that the interest of this technology will increase exponentially.

Bitcoin prices, of course, are experiencing short-term declines or increases. It is clear that the markets have declined after peaking in December, but this is shown as something normal. Many analysts have pointed out that at this point in the last one year, the focus should be on the gains of the market …

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Aamir Kapoor is a fintech writer specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain. He has a background in finance and banking and was a researcher.