Amazon’s Jeff Bezos might expand into space ventures

Recently, Jeff Bezos stated that he will use the rocket startup which he owns in order to develop robotic rovers and also in the longer term habitat on the surface of the moon. He clearly stated that even if he did not receive any kind of funding from the US government, he will continue his efforts to reach these goals.

Lunar exploration:

In a recent interview, he clearly stated that he not only aims to explore the surface of the moon but also ensure that there is a proper settlement on the moon. According to him, it is a necessary step and not optional.

He did not, however, reveal any details of the rockets or the spacecraft which they are building. He is however clear in his vision that permanent structures can be built on the lunar surface which will ensure that space travel is an ordinary thing. He also stated that the future generations will expand into the solar system rather than just remaining on earth.

Growth only in space:

According to him, if space is not explored, the settlements, as well as the society around the globe, will be constrained. The only way to grow is to explore the space and opt for proper settlements in the space.

According to him, the work which is he is doing in his rocket company, blue origin LLC, is the most important work which he is currently undertaking. This was proclaimed by him at the annual meeting of National Space Society. The Society is a non-profit organization which is trying to encourage space exploration and settlement in space.

He’s a geek since his college days. As a result, he is working in the field which he likes.

According to him, there will not just be a single company which will explore the space. There will be thousands of companies which will undertake these ventures. Also, an entire ecosystem of public-private partnership will be needed for space exploration. According to him, it is just a matter of few years that the astronauts will land and explore the lunar surface. This company is currently growing at a rapid pace and is a closely held company. He is currently building two rockets which will take the satellites and spacecraft into the orbit of the earth.

With various billionaires exploring the space race it remains to be seen what kind of traction they are able to gain over a longer period of time. For now, however, it seems like space is the next frontier for competition.

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