Gamer Streaming Platform Initiated Public Beta Testing of Its Own Blockchain

Driven by blockchain technology, Play2Live creates an ecosystem for streamers, viewers, tournament organizers, and product/service partners. Play2Live introduces a unique mixture of 15 interactive features and monetizing tools for the users of the platform versus 4-5 available on the existing solutions. As Play2Live told Cointelegraphearlier, “Everybody can be part of the peer-to-peer interaction, and everybody,  even the viewer, is able to earn money.”

Affecting attention of gamers

According to company statement on Aug. 15, the access to the testing phase has initiated for basic functionality tests review check the operational capacities. Beta testing phase will start on two days later. any interested attendant will be able to join testing phase.

According to Play2Live CEO Alexei Burdyko, a vast number of innovations and new features of the new blockchain platform is in the first instance for esports world:

“In the opinion of the leading experts, one of the interesting benefits of the project includes the possibility of buying and earning LUC tokens directly [on] the platform’s website,” he commented in the official press release.

The coins can be used for implementing distinct monetization options, including donations, voting and for assigning special tasks to streamers, according to the official announcement. At the same time as the closed beta test was announced, Play2Live started the LUC tokens buy-back. From 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 LUC are redeemed by the platform itself from the exchanges at a price of up to $0.05 for 1 LUC during two months, starting from Aug. 15.

Offical announcement stated that coins can bu used for distinct monetization sets which includes voting, assigning special tasks to streamers and voting. When the closed beta test was released Play2Live initiated buy-back of the LUC tokens : up to 100 mil LUC are redeemed at a price of up to $0.05, transferred to a separate wallet, and will be used to purchase broadcast rights, marketing, content-making. Сrypto experts explain that the buyback entails the token price increase, which leads to a trust increase in the company among investors.

Unlike the centralized delivery of content from the streamer to the viewer, used on ongoing platforms, Play2Live developers group created their own. It is a geographically distributed network infrastructure that allows users to optimize the delivery of streamed videos to end users and to use our own network bandwidth and 3rd party CDNs to maximize coverage. The CDN will route you to nearest CDN node for better connection and video & other content uploads in individual access points.

The project team also created a neural network that is able to monitor over 200 streams at the same time without requiring vast amounts of computer power. The neural network monitors the stream and determines with the highest precision if the task was accomplished. In fact, the task itself is a smart contract with a deposit in LUC tokens.

There is a multicasting functionality among the components in the beta test. At individual phases of the launch, hundreds of streamers will be able to connected to the platform and will be maintain content for the most popular games. This service will be used in esports tournaments broadcasts.

Blockchain security improvement

In the statement of Vladislav Arbatov who is the CTO for Play2Live Vladislav Arbatov, the streaming platform has become safer environment with the blockchain. He declared that: “Thanks to the immense computing power, unpretentious software and distributed architecture, the CDN is extremely resistant to DDoS attacks, which are the most common means of hacking projects.”

The company reports that the this new blockchain brace 10,000 transactions per second, in addition to providen cryptographic keys. According to Vladislav Arbatov: “Thus, Play2Live will be the first platform in the world that uses compact devices to provide information protection to the user and ensure the safety of their identification,”

The team is still investing in their security protocols, Arbatov added. Play2Live is also seeking testers for making it better and they need to last user feedbacks to

Play2Live already collected huge amount of experience in international tournaments, as the company organized the “CryptoMasters” games in Minsk on 24-25 Feb. It was the world’s first big-scale esports tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, in which the champions won $100,000. Champions were broadcast on the MVP-version of the Play2Live platform in seven languages.

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