NEO DevCon 2019 to Take Place in Seattle, USA

The second NEO DevCon will take place in Seattle, Washington, USA. According to the NEO Global Development (NGD), the event will happen between February 16 and 17, 2019. The selected theme for the event is “ContiNEO—We keep on going.”

NEO DevCon 2019

The theme displays the unwavering commitment of the NEO community to uphold its efforts in realizing the goals of Smart Economy. The event, which will bring together developers and technocrats from various parts of the world, will also provide a suitable opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts to connect, learn, and share information on theresources they need to create the next generation of blockchain applications. Founded in 2014, the NEO platform currently boasts more than one thousand contributors and over the five hundred thousand community members who power the movement towards the new Smart Economy. The NEO platform is non-profit and community-driven. The NEO DevCon is the annual developer conference. Borrowing from the huge success of the first event held in 2018, NEO DevCon 2019 is expected to do even better. The event will create the opportunity for NEO founders to share their new roadmap and platform innovations. Besides, they will display how the worldwide NEO blockchain community seeks to bring the Smart Economy vision to life. Participants at the NEO DevCon will be able to connect and engage with the global NEO community and access ideas and resources that will help them build and achieve the goals ofthe Smart Economy.

The first NEO DevCon

The first NEO DevConevent took place in January 2018 in San Francisco, USA. It attracted more than five hundred developers, over forty speakers, and thirty projects. According to Sharlyne Lee, senior marketing manager at NGD, the second event will introducefresh technical topics to improve the functionality of the blockchain industry. “NEO DevCon 2019 will introduce more technical topics and discuss the advances of ecologicalfrontier technology. We will showcase the maturity of the platform,” Lee said.

The location

The event planners settled for Seattle as the location for the upcoming event. Seattle has a growing reputation as a “tech hub,” making it a home to several tech giants such asAmazon, Microsoft, Steam, and Nintendo. Others such as Facebook, Google,Oracle, and SAP also have their presence in the area.


NGD invites developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and ecosystem projects to participate in the upcoming event. The preparation of the full agenda and list of speakers is currently underway and will come out soon. The event will also have a full day development workshop. Any person interested in participating or supporting the event canget more information through this e-mail address. Early bird tickets are available for $149 until January 15. For community members, one hundred discounted tickets are available for $99, which they can purchase using the code I-LOVE-NEO. After January 15, the tickets will be available for sale at$299. Tickets are available for purchase in USD and NEO using the following links: Buy tickets in USD: Buy tickets in NEO:
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