LYFT IPO Date 2019: What Time is the Lyft IPO? LYFT Still Losing Money, Is There a Potential for the Future Growth and Profitability -Mon Mar 18

It is a busy week among public IPOs in preparation as Lyft, Uber and Pinterest are getting ready to issue their Initial Public Offerings with Lyft preparing to joining the list of NASDAQ stocks already at the beginning of the next week according to some sources, even though the company y originally announced the IPO release for mid-March 2019.

During the last quarter of 2018, Lyft had already submitted their IPO paperwork to the SEC, while the filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission describes the expectation to list Lyft on Nasdaq exchange market.

Lyft to Launch Its IPO by mid-March: LYFT Hoping for a Listing on NASDAQ

Uber and Lyft, ride-sharing companies which represent direct competitors in the industry of getting a quick and cheap ride anywhere in the world where Lyft and Uber applications are supported, have submitted their IPO filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission at the end of 2018 around the same time.

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However, Lyft is hoping to beat Uber in the game of IPOs and stock trading, scheduling the official release of LYFT IPO for mid-March.

According to some sources the company could issue its IPO already at the beginning of the last week of February, however, the official issuance date is set for March 18th, 2019.

Since Uber still has weeks of preparation before releasing third IPO, Lyft has a great shot at issuing Lyft IPO before Uber gets a chance to do so, which will help the company avoid being overshadowed by Uber that undoubtedly has more operational force in oppose to Lyft.

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The operational force of Uber lies in the fact that Uber is made available in 70 countries, while Lyft is only available in Canada and the United States at the moment, however, both Uber and Lyft are losing money.

To fight against losing more money, Lyft is said to be preparing a report that would hopefully convince investors that Lyft won’t stay in the red zone for too long, while investors still holding interest in Lyft and Uber are focusing on the future potential of these companies.

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