How to Invest in Pre-IPOs – Top 3 Pre-IPO Portals

Investing in IPOs is quite a risky business. Many IPOs underperform the market in the first couple of years after going public. But, you can also invest in pre-IPOs, when the stocks haven’t yet hit the public.

Stock Market News – How to Invest in Pre-IPOs?

The first thing to do is to speak to your stockbroker and with luck, he may know a company that specializes in pre-IPO shares. These companies are here to give you the possible ways to invest before the company you’re investing in goes public.

Before you do that, you need to monitor news in order to see what companies are planning to go public. This can be further improved by building business connections. These connections often have info about such stuff, making it easier for you to invest.

Best Pre-IPO Portals

1. is a relatively new pre-IPO portal, launched in 2016. This represents the best place to start investing in IPOs at the moment. It has a huge number of quality offerings with the lowest fees, around 5% total. The website is beautifully designed and all the necessary information is displayed correctly.


Republic is very similar to AngelList, a leading accredited investor portal. But, Republic offers you a plethora of pre-IPO deals at one place. They offer a small part of round or non-accredited investors good deals, attracting enthusiastic supporters and money. This website is in a position so high, that many believe that it has the best pre-IPO deals in 2019.


SeedInvest is one of the oldest pre-IPO portals out there. But, with their recent acceptance of non-accredited investors, in addition to accredited ones, the website improved a lot. The platform gives an excellent overview of deals and offers an impressive platform for screening startups. They even offer some large deals from Regulation A+ listings, which often go as high as $50 million. Source: Earlyinvesting

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