Cardano (ADA) Come Back Little But Experts Predict Cardano To Hit $1 Soon

Ever since Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson announced the updated Shelley roadmap, the price action of Cardano ADA has been mostly positive. After being successfully installed on the Cardano testnet, Cardano Shelley will eventually be activated on the mainnet. It is going to add new features to the Cardano blockchain making it more decentralized and more efficient than it currently is.

Yesterday, Cardano reached a new monthly high of $0.09578. This was an impressive move. It increased the buy support for Cardano ADA which also allowed the bulls to maintain their momentum in the market. Cardano ADA currently has a RIO of 341.59%. Unfortunately, it has lost the 10th position on CoinMarketCap to Tron Trx once again. The trend is upward and the bulls aren’t going to run out of steam anytime soon. But then Cardano dropped to $0.087014 after -9.16% decrease.

Cardano Price Prediction 2019

While Cardano ADA isn’t among the top five cryptocurrencies, or as popular as Bitcoin, it is still a promising project. With the Cardano Shelley update, the Cardano blockchain will be 100X more decentralized than the Bitcoin blockchain. This is going to ensure the mass adoption of Cardano ADA for the benefit of investors and the Cardano Foundation. The future of Cardano is bullish.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Cardano (ADA)

Right now, there is strong support at $0.830 and strong resistance at $0.0977. If the price breaks the resistance at $0.0977, a surge to $0.100 will be inevitable. On the other hand, falling below the support at $0.830 is going to lead to more losses near-term.

ADA Price Prediction 2019 – ADA May Hit $1 Soon

The Cardano price prediction 2019 places the price of ADA at $1 before the end of the year. If the bulls continue to dominate the market, there is a high chance that it will surge even higher than the $1 level soon. If you’re looking for an altcoin to add to your portfolio, this would be a good one.

Right now, Cardano isn’t just good for short-term investments but for long-term investments as well. In January, the price of ADA was $0.04316. This means that it is up by over 121% within the last five months.

Cardano Price Analysis – Will ADA Coin Hit $1?

Cardano price prediction 2019 is bullish thanks to all the positive developments by the Cardano Foundation, the upcoming Cardano Shelly upgrade and the general positive sentiment in the market.

Even if the price of Cardano ADA stalled a few months ago, it has finally picked up the momentum as altcoin seasons resumes and altcoins start stealing the shine for Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency that ignited the bull run in the first place. The significant surge in the price of ADA in the past few days should not come as a surprise because the Cardano Shelley upgrade will be activated on the testnet next month. The anticipation surrounding the Cardano Shelley upgrade is fueling the Cardano ADA price prediction 2019.

Emurgo, driving the adoption of Cardona tweeted lately regarding an event that is going to take place in June inviting Charles Hoskinson, Founder, and CEO of ADA. This event will take place in Emurgo japan office, where they will be introducing 3 companies which will start building on Cardano blockchain system.

According to the latest ADA price analysis on cryptonewsz; the price of Cardano might increase after the official meet in Japan, introducing 3 companies on the platform technology. With the current trends, it might be risky to bet on the value to touch down $1. But who knows! For clear picture better knowledge, just hang in there and keep yourself updated with the latest news and surprises!

Based on the last 30 days analysis, the Bullish nature can be seen fighting the odds in the chart. The number of trades seems to be increased from a few weeks now that might improve the ranking of the coin as well. Traders might want to predict the resistance level at $0.102 and support level at $0.07 to play on the safer side.

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