What You Need to Know About Uber IPO as the Ridesharing Giant is Preparing IPO for 2019

Uber decided to launch their IPO in 2019 as the board of directors at the company agreed that the time has come for Uber to become a publicly traded company, alongside the fact that Uber has become the second name for ridesharing.

Although challenged by another upcoming IPO issued by its main competitor, Lyft, the company that is preparing to go live already on March 30th, 2019, Uber is considered to be close to finishing all preparations for their own IPO with a great possibility that the company will go public already in the first half of 2019.

The prominent ridesharing startup already has promising investors such as Jeff Bezos from Amazon, SoftBank, Toyota Motor Company, Tencent Music, Fidelity Investments as well as other companies and individual major investors.

Uber IPO Could Be the Greatest Public Offering the Market Had Seen by Far

Uber is not as impatiently anticipated in vain, as the ridesharing giant is said to have a major opportunity to become one of the biggest public offerings that the market had ever seen.

This is the case because the company is already valued at 120 billion dollars after announcing their IPO, while the estimated value exceeds the previous evaluation by 50 billion dollars. With these estimates, also confirmed by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, Uber could surpass Facebook IPO of 104 billion dollars back in 2012 when the company went public and also Google’s IPO valued at 23 billion dollars back in 2004 when Google decided to become a publicly traded company.

Uber has a major potential for further growth and already has a well-established name in the industry of ridesharing, which could make it one of the top initial public offerings by far despite the fact that Uber is considered to be challenged by a smaller, but an equally promising company, Lyft.

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