Facebook Stock Forecast 2019: Is Facebook (FB) Stock a Buy or Sell in 2019?

Launched back in 2004 as one of the pioneers of social media, Facebook has soon grown to become the biggest player in the sector of social media platforms, making a strong competitor for social media networks such as Twitter or Pinterest for that matter.

Facebook (FB) stocks have slightly dropped with the latest closing, going down by -0.45%, trading at the price of 174.93$ per share, under the score 3.80, meaning that FB shares are considered to be a “buy”.

While the most recent drop may be a misfortunate “side-effect” that goes hand in hand with regulations imposed by EU for social media networks, having Facebook regulated in the terms of the way the company is using Facebook users’ data, FB stocks are still considered as a “buy”.

Facebook (FB) Stocks: Buy or Sell Facebook Stocks in 2019?

Facebook went public with their IPO back in 2012, when the initial public offering of this social media giant was estimated to be valued at 104 billion dollars, making Facebook IPO one of the largest IPOs that the market had seen by far.

Additionally, the company is generating high revenues with increasing growth rates through advertising on Facebook, counting over 2.2 billion monthly active users, with the ability to attract more users despite a massive user base.

Moreover, Facebook is also reporting 1.74 billion mobile users, which makes a crucial market for advertisers.

According to 41 analysts, as reported by CNN Business, median price target for FB stocks is set at 200$, while the stock already achieved the target, with a peak estimate set at 275$ per share and the low-price target of 120$.

Facebook has managed to keep up with “hold” rating since the beginning of March 2019, additionally having 34 out of 49 polled analysts recommending “buy” ranking for Facebook stocks, nine have agreed to provide the stock with “hold” ranking, one recommends to sell Facebook stocks and five analysts have provided FB stocks with “outperform” status.

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