Top local Beneficiaries in the Anticipated IPOs- Airbnb, Palantir, Slack & Robinhood

Local beneficiaries, investors have set their eyes on the technology community for the insanely huge multi-billion profits from their initial public offerings and could see themselves reap the biggest rewards in the long run.

There have still been huge startups on the horizon, including the local investors such as;

Airbnb in Top Local Beneficiaries

They have started as an online platform where you could rent out unutilized space inside your residences if you wished to host travelers. Airbnb has been able to raise over $4.7B in the capital, managed about 3.1 million listings. They have hosted almost 140 million guests and have generated more than $40B in bookings through the past years. Airbnb is most valuable today more than most of the other large hotel chains. Valuable, such as Hilton and Hyatt, or among airlines like the United Airlines. This company has been able to invest in local companies, such as Custom Ink printing company, flower delivery company Urban Stems among others.

Palantir Technologies IPOs

This software company mainly specializes in data analytics. Based in California, this company has drawn heat from the government plus criticism from several privacy advocates. It is focusing on an IPO of up to $41.5 billion; reports say. This is huge for the Arlington-based and CIA-backed venture firm In-Q-Tel, early investors in Palantir technologies, from 2005 to 2008. This company firm has successfully invested in several local companies like Sonatype, Tenable and many more.

Robinhood About to Go Public

This stock trading and financial services application have gained a huge following. And it is in preparations to go public at any time. Robinhood was initially valued at about $5.55 billion. It was a huge advantage to its investors such as the New Enterprise Associates.

Local Beneficiaries – Slack Primary Software Company

According to the recent reports, Sands Capital Management LLC has invested in slack. The awesome messaging and work for a production company in 2018 for the cost of about $11.9 per share.

There is a national IPO success for local investors like “The Beyond Burger”. Originally they have a plan to go public at a price-per-share between $18.9 and $21, before hiking to $25.0 per share. On its 1st trading day, it has closed at $65.76 per share, and today it’s now trading above $80 per share.


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