Chewy And Slack: Potential IPOs Attempting To Play The Game

Chewy has yet to finish and publicize its companies IPO. Chewy, however, has been in the headlines recently for announcing their first trade, which should be happening next Friday. Slack is not too far behind. The communications and technology company will be beginning to trade by June 20th.

What Is Happening With Chewys IPO?

Chewy is predicted to do well once their IPO is launched. The popular pet online retailer has loyal customers who could potentially play their hands in the stock market game.

As of now, we know that Chewy is looking to sell their trades for anywhere between $17 and $19. While the higher number has drawn interest to investors it has also raised some questions. Is Chewy profitable enough to have a starting share price so high? Will Chewys IPO be able to withstand the pressure and competition?

Slack Is Showing Potential For A Great IPO

Slack is an online-oriented communication application that combines chat, video, and business features to provide a safe and productive environment. The company has announced its IPO date to be in mid-June. On June 20th, Slack will go public for the first time.

They are expected to start their share prices at a comfortable value but have not reported the specific number just yet. The way the company is increasing, however, suggests a steady rise.

Should You Buy Or Pass? 

While we do not have all of the relative information pertaining to the stocks, it is always a good thing to go over the potential outcomes. Chewy can go two ways. They can become the next Beyond Meat in the market or fall just as heavily as Uber did about a month ago.

Slack, however, is expected to be an immediate buy. The platforms have consistent users and the growth has only continued since the start.


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